Hokkaido was
one of the best flax kingdom
a long time ago.

Flax is said to be the first plant cultivated by humankind. Stem fibers are used for cloth (linen) products, and seeds are used for food and oil extraction, and have contributed to people's lives in the fields of clothing, food, and housing for a long time. In Japan, it has been cultivated mainly in Hokkaido for munitions purposes, but it has declined due to the decline in domestic demand and the rise of imported products.

The beginning of flax.fun

Flax has not only been closely related to the lives of humankind due to its wide range of utilization, but also has a lovely and beautiful flower that blooms in the morning and scatters before noon only once a year for a long time. It is one of the features that fascinates us. Flax.fun started with an interest in this story-filled flax, a desire to convey the charm of that flax, and an encounter with a farmer who is still growing flax in Hokkaido.

flax.fun is an online magazine brand

Not only pictures and videos of beautiful flax flowers, but also stories about the relationship between us and flax, such as how to handle linen and the effects of flaxseed oil, the ecology and history of flax as a plant, and the thoughts of people involved in flax. I will tell everyone up to.

Flax.fun is set in the wilderness of Tokachi, Hokkaido

For example, in the summer of 2020, I will travel by drone to a flax field in Tokachi, Hokkaido. A flax flower that blooms only half a day once a year. We will deliver beautiful images of the vast flower field and the state of flax flowers.

Flax.fun develops original products using flax

For example, we will utilize the vitality of flax plants themselves to develop products and services that are useful for a sustainable and affluent life.


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