Flax flowers-colors and how they bloom-

Flax is an annual plant, also known as flax. Flaxseed oil from seeds is popular for its good health, and fiber linen from stems is used in every item in our lives. Flax blooms small blue flowers, but it can be difficult to see in practice due to the limited area in which it can be cultivated. Therefore, in order to know more about flax flowers, I will explain in detail the color of the flowers and the season when they bloom.

What is the color of flax flowers?

Flax flowers have a short blooming time, but their lovely and gentle colors are attractive. It's difficult to express in words, but it can be said that it is a mixture of light blue and light purple.

Flax flower color

Flax flowers bloom from early April to late June, about two and a half months after sowing.

The size of the flower is about 2p, and it blooms a lot of pale blue and lilac flowers. In July, when flax flowers are at their peak, the entire flax field is dyed in beautiful blue and lilac, and the sight is soothing.

In Hokkaido, where flax is cultivated, we were able to revive the flax field with the results of the Hokkaido Flax Renaissance Project because we wanted to regain the gentle and beautiful scenery of flax flowers in full bloom. However, since the flowers that bloom at sunrise are scattered in the afternoon, the beautiful colors of flax flowers can only be seen in the morning.

So where does the famous "flax" come from?

You can see that the color of flax flowers and "flax color" are actually completely different. Flax color is known as the description of hair color because the prelude "Flax Hair Maiden" by French composer Debussy is famous.

It seems that many people recognize flax color as a type of blonde hair. However, flax color refers to pale maroon hair, so the image is different from blonde hair.

Flax color is not the name of the color that existed in Japan, but it comes from the West. When describing the color of hair in the West, "flux", which refers to a color like maroon, was used, but this English name is translated into Japanese.

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About how flax flowers bloom

What are the characteristics and how do flax flowers, which bloom pretty blue flowers, bloom? The most distinctive feature is that "the time you can see is limited". As mentioned above, the flowers that bloom at sunrise disperse in the early afternoon, so you can only see the beautiful colors of flax flowers in the morning.

What is the season when flax flowers bloom?

The flax flowers bloom from early April to late June. The small blue or lilac flowers of about 2.p may have a pretty and fragile impression due to the short flowering time and flowering time.

If you want to enjoy the flowers for a long time for gardening, we recommend adding fertilizer when the flowers start to bloom. And although many flowers do not bloom as much as in the early days, if you cut them off after flowering, they will bloom again.

Flax flowers

Flax flower language

The flax flower language, which was born on June 3, is "Thank you for your kindness."

The flax flower language used when you want to convey your feelings of gratitude is an easy-to-use and cherished word when giving a gift.

Other varieties of flax

Flax, which is used in horticulture rather than for industrial purposes, is commonly referred to as flux. The flax color, known by the name of the color, is derived from the color of the fibers made from the flux.

The color of the flax flowers is beautiful blue or lilac, but there are also types such as scarlet flax, which blooms crimson flowers, and yellow flax, which blooms yellow flowers.

In addition, as a horticultural variety, Benibanaama, which has a large flower size and a long flowering time, blooms crimson, white, and pink flowers. Flax stalks are known to produce linen, and seeds are known to produce flaxseed oil, but flax flowers are also used as dyes.

Use as a dye for flax flowers

Flax flowers have a beautiful blue color and are used as dyes. Dyes are used to color fibers, threads, and fabrics, and they soak into the fibers to prevent discoloration.

Products that use flax flowers as dyes include scarves, which may also be used as threads before making products.

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Linen made from flax stalks, flaxseed oil squeezed from flax seeds, and flax flowers as dyes, flax is a plant that has been used extensively since ancient times. The flax flowers are impressive in pretty blue and lilac, and in Hokkaido, where cultivation has been revived, you can see a beautiful scene where the entire field is covered with flax flowers. Flax flowers, which further enhance the attractiveness of the plant flax, give you peace of mind. Indeed, the flower language "gratitude" also applies in terms of gratitude for flax, which has brought many benefits to us. It is a flax flower that you rarely see, but every time you see familiar products such as linen and flaxseed oil, please remember about "flowers".

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