The main component of Watco oil is flaxseed oil

Do-it-yourself, in modern terms, DIY wants to stick to tools anyway. Not only wood and tools, but also the finishing oil finish should be decided with high quality oil. Therefore, this time we would like to introduce Watco Oil, a paint made from flaxseed oil. Linseed oil has become a hot topic as a health food, but it is actually a versatile oil that can also be used as a work oil. Naturally derived Watco oil from flax will take your DIY to the next level.

Watco oil and flaxseed oil

Here, we will introduce what kind of oil Watco oil is. Why Watco Oil Makes Your DIY Better, and What are the Benefits of Flaxseed Oil? Let's take a closer look.

What is Watco Oil?

Watco Oil is an oil finish paint that was born in England about 70 years ago.

Oil finish is a method of applying oil to the surface of woodwork, and has the role of improving the appearance of the work and protecting the surface. The oil finish can be expected to have a certain effect on any wooden piece, such as a table, chest of drawers, or floor.

The region where Watco oil is particularly popular is Denmark. For decades from birth to the present, Danish wooden furniture has been painted with Watco oil. Therefore, some people call Watco oil Danish oil, which means "Denmark oil". The scent of Watco oil is often compared to being soft and gentle, but it may be a daily scent in Denmark. In this way, Watco oil is basically a product for overseas markets, and the ones in Japan are imported from the United Kingdom.

Watco oil is a flaxseed oil-based oil

Watco oil is a paint that is a mixture of vegetable oil and solvent, and uses linseed oil of natural origin exclusively for vegetable oil.

Flaxseed oil is an oil obtained by squeezing the seeds of a plant called flax, and has become famous as an edible oil in recent years. However, it is actually used as an industrial oil, and in addition to paints such as Watco oil, it is also used in paints used in oil paintings.

The reason why flaxseed oil is suitable for industrial oil is its ease of drying. Oil that undergoes a chemical reaction when exposed to air and gradually hardens is called drying oil, and flaxseed oil is a type of this. Thanks to this property, it does not become sticky even when applied to wood. Rather, it hardens while giving a gloss like paint. In this way, flaxseed oil can be said to be an oil suitable for an oil finish. However, this is not the only reason why it is used as the main component of Watco oil. Flaxseed oil has great benefits.

Linseed oil as an oil finish

The reason why flaxseed oil is the preferred oil for oil finishes is that it is a naturally occurring oil. Do you know sick building syndrome? Sick house is a word that means "sick house" and refers to health problems caused by inhaling chemical substances, molds, mites, etc. that are inside the house. The first candidate for sick building syndrome is chemicals derived from furniture and building materials. Living with furniture made of poor quality glue or paint can cause symptoms such as sore throat and headaches.

That's where flaxseed oil comes in. Flaxseed oil is a natural paint that can be obtained from natural plants. Furniture finished with Watco oil, which is the main ingredient, will avoid the risk of sick building syndrome.

It's too sad to get sick with furniture made by DIY as a hobby. If you want to enjoy DIY comfortably, why not consider flaxseed oil Watco oil.

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About the oil finish

In this section, we will explain the oil finish, which is the main purpose of Watco Oil. As I mentioned earlier, an oil finish is the finishing touch to a woodwork product. Some may wonder, "Why do you need to oil your self-confidence work?", But the oil finish is an unavoidable way to master DIY. We will cover the necessity, actual method, and precautions, so please refer to it in future DIY.

What oil is used for Watco oil other than flaxseed oil?

Watco oil is made from flaxseed oil. That's why I mentioned earlier that it is suitable for oil finishes. "If so, isn't any oil other than flaxseed oil used for Watco oil?" I think some of you may have such a question.

In conclusion, Watco oil does not use any oil other than flaxseed oil.

In addition to flaxseed oil, there are several other oils suitable for oil finishes, such as tung oil and sesame oil. However, paints containing them are generally not called Watco oil. There is no doubt that flaxseed oil is the raw material for Watco oil found in home improvement stores.

Oil finish method and precautions

Let's take a look at the specific method of oil finish. The following two effects can be expected from the oil finish.

・ Leave the grain of wood clean and finish the work beautifully

・ A film of oil protects the work by preventing moisture and dirt.

Both are nice for those who enjoy DIY. In order to fully enjoy the two effects, it is essential to have an oil finish in the correct procedure, so be sure to remember it.

There are four things to prepare: the wood you want to finish, the cloth, the brush for painting, sandpaper (water resistant paper is the best), and Watco oil. If you are concerned about dirt on your hands, you may prepare rubber gloves or work gloves. The specific steps are as follows:

� @ File the wood to clean the surface

�A Use a brush to apply Watco oil to the wood

�B Let it dry for about 30 minutes and then wipe off excess oil with a cloth.

�C After drying for about 1 hour, recoat with a brush and repeat the work of �B.

�D Dry for 24 hours to complete

It may seem daunting to hear that it takes more than 24 hours to complete, but most of the time it's dry. The actual amount of work is not that much.

As a caveat, do not paint the entire wood at once. Never apply at least the surface that will be left to dry, as it must be left to dry. If you want to finish the whole oil evenly, you need to repeat the above process at least twice.

Also, when applying Watco oil, apply it with a brush or cloth so that it follows the grain of wood. To prevent unevenness, be aware of evenness and apply lightly so that the thickness does not come out by recoating. And the most important thing is to ensure your safety. Although naturally derived, Watco oil is a paint and oil. The possibility of an accident such as a fire caused by ignition or blindness in the eyes cannot be ruled out. When doing an oil finish, go back to the basics of DIY and be aware of safety first.


We have introduced Watco oil made from flaxseed oil. By the way, Watco oil is a paint, so there are different colors. There are a total of 8 types, such as natural that makes the most of the taste of nature and dark walnut that has an adult elegance, so choose the one you like. Also, if you don't want to use a mixture, even if it is naturally derived, you can choose flaxseed oil for paint. Unlike Watco oil, it does not contain solvents, so it is recommended if you prefer a more natural material. Please try to improve the quality by incorporating the oil that suits you into your future DIY activities.

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