Flax cultivation in Kitaaiki Village, Shinano Prefecture, Nagano Prefecture







From soil preparation, cultivation to harvesting and subsequent processing, no pesticides are used, and everything is done by hand by the female staff of the gentle style. From 2020, we plan to switch to natural farming, which borrows only the power of soil.

Toward commercialization

And it is the 5th year since the trial cultivation. I was really impressed when the "thread" was spun from 100% Kitaaiki fiber because of the relationship with the skilled thread pongee. In 2020 this year, in order to take advantage of the characteristics of flax, the item that you can wear directly on your skin is the best, and when you started making necklaces and bracelets from that thread, it is a different dimension from the linen fabric on the market. I was even more surprised that the healing power of the linen dwells. Just wearing it will increase blood flow and make your body warm.

The land, climate, air, water, and support of people who are interested in flax here in Kitaaiki Village. Never forgetting "gratitude" (flax flower language) to all of you, we will continue to search for cultivation and processing methods that will bring out the original power of flax, and the wonderful "healing" that will be born from that. We will continue to deliver "items" to as many people as possible in the future. Eventually, I would like to create a business that will lead to giving back to my favorite village, such as village specialties and employment in the village.


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for telling me this story as these healing items begin to take shape.

April 2020 Happiness is a hump cloth napkin ~ A gentle breeze ~ Mayumi Sato

Flow from cultivation to commercialization






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