What kind of color is flax? I tried to find out from the origin

Flax, which is also a traditional Japanese color, is a popular color with a natural hue. Many of you may know that it was used in the lyrics of a famous song of a singer in the past. Therefore, I investigated in detail what kind of color flax is and the origin of the color.

What kind of color is flax?

What kind of color is flax? However, it is quite difficult to explain in detail. The word flax is generally known, but not many people can immediately imagine what it is. There are colors with the same reading color, and what kind of color is it actually?

What is flax color?

Flax color refers to the color of the flax-spun yarn, which is pale yellowish brown. It is often thought that it is an old Japanese color name, but it is actually a relatively new color name that has been used since the Meiji era. This is a Japanese translation of the English flux used as an expression to describe hair color in the West. (Flux is also an English translation of flax) From the fact that the French composer Debussy's prelude "Flax Hair Maiden" is famous, it is well understood that it is generally known as hair color. I will. Many people think that flax color is a kind of blonde hair or another way of expressing blonde hair, but it is not blonde hair. Blond hair is often described as yellowish light brown, but flaxen hair means light maroon, so the image is different from blonde hair.

Flax color is quite pale in the classification of light maroon, and it may be difficult to imagine because it is a color that is not seen in Japanese hair. It's a little confusing, but the vague pale color gives it a natural impression and gives it kindness.

What is the difference from the same reading "Amairo"?

"Amairo" is a color that has the same reading as flax color. "Heavenly color" refers to a bright blue color like the clear sky of a clear sky, but the color and meaning differ depending on how you read it.

Generally, it is read as "flax", but sometimes it is read as "flax", which means the same color as "flax". However, when reading "Sorairo", it means bright blue with a lighter purple color than "heavenly color", which means the same as sky blue. In addition, it is sometimes read as "tenshoku", which means to express the weather and the sky, and is different from the expression of color. Flax and "heavenly" have the same reading color, but flax refers to a yellowish light brown color, so the colors are completely different.

Origin of flax color

The relatively new color name flax is also used in the works of French composers, so it is possible that it originated in France. How did it come about?

Is the origin of flax color France?

The light brown flax color, which is expressed as a hair color in the West, is a color that cannot be immediately imagined because it is a hair color that is rarely seen by Japanese people. "The maiden with flax-colored hair" is famous in the work of French composer Debussy, but the word flax-colored is also used in the original title, so it is thought that it originated in France.

The color used in France is lin (flax), and flax-colored hair is translated as a very bright blonde. From this, we can see that in France, flaxen hair is a color that is classified as a type of blonde hair.

If you check the French site, most of the maiden's hair used as an illustration in the image of Debussy's "Flame-haired maiden" has a light blonde hair color. "Flame-colored hair" is certainly used as the name of the work of French composer Debussy, but it is an expression that is not commonly used in France, and even if you check the site, it is flaxen-colored. I don't get any information about the color of my hair. When you translate "flaxen hair" into English, it is expressed as "flaxen hair", but if you look it up in the English translation, you will find a lot of information about what kind of color it is, and as an expression of hair color. It is commonly used. However, even in France, it seems that the hair of a unique female singer who symbolized Garsonne, which was popular in the 1920s, was called "flax-colored hair", and the hair color of the portrait is pale golden hair. .. In the turbulent times when women's social advancement began, "flax-colored hair" may have been used as a word to describe the beauty of the scene, as well as the desire for peace and kindness.

Reference: Flax flower language and birth flower


Flax color, which is used as an expression to describe hair color, may be difficult to imagine because it is also a hair color that is difficult for Japanese people to see. The yellowish light brown flax color is different from blonde hair, and it is not another meaning to express the color of blonde hair. Flax color is quite light even in light brown, and it is also a color that gives kindness, which is characterized by the natural color texture of spun flax yarn. Linen, which is the fiber of flax when it is actually finished as a product, is often beautiful white, so even when you pick up the linen, you can remember that there is a flax color before it is finished in white. I'm happy.

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