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I checked some typical flaxseed oil products

More and more people are actively using oil for their health. Linseed oil, which has a reputation for being particularly effective in preventing lifestyle-related diseases, is a very popular oil. However, when I actually looked it up to buy flaxseed oil, I found a lot of products and it was difficult to choose "this!". Therefore, this time, we will introduce the points to choose flaxseed oil and typical flaxseed oil products. If you want to incorporate flaxseed oil into your life, please refer to it.

What you need to know before introducing flaxseed oil products

First of all, I will explain the points you should know when choosing flaxseed oil. All of them look the same, but if you understand the points to be aware of, you will be able to choose a better quality oil.

Select the one that has been squeezed by the cold pressing method

Even if it's a little pricey, buy flaxseed oil made by cold pressing.

Flaxseed oil is made by mechanically pressing the seeds of a plant called flax and extracting the oil. The cold pressing method is a method in which this press is carefully performed to slowly squeeze the oil from the seeds. The advantage of the cold pressing method is that the seeds are pressed slowly without generating frictional heat. Flaxseed oil is very sensitive to heat and will oxidize quickly with a little heat. It is better to avoid heat from the manufacturing process as much as possible to obtain high quality oil with high health effect. Please refrain from heating when eating so as not to spoil the cold pressing method.

Choose what is in a light-shielding container

When choosing an oil, you should stick to the container as well as the oil itself. For flaxseed oil, choose a container that blocks light, such as black glass. The reason is to prevent oxidation, as with the cold pressing method.

Linseed oil is particularly susceptible to oxidation, as oil has the property of oxidizing when exposed to light for extended periods of time. Not only direct sunlight, but also indoor lights such as fluorescent lights are great enemies of flaxseed oil. When using flaxseed oil, it's not a good idea to darken the room, so protect the flaxseed oil with a light-shielding container.

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Choose as unrefined as possible

There are two types of flaxseed oil: the unrefined type, which makes the most of the original flavor of flaxseed, and the refined type, which is processed after pressing to eliminate habit. Refined flaxseed oil has no bitterness or odor, so it is very easy to eat. However, there is a drawback that the nutritional value of flaxseed such as omega 3 (α-linolenic acid) is lost by the processing to remove the habit.

On the other hand, if it is an unrefined type, the ingredients that are good for the body are retained. If you don't want to waste your nutrition, please choose unrefined flaxseed oil and enjoy the natural taste of flaxseed.

Introduction of typical flaxseed oil products

Now that we have learned how to choose flaxseed oil, we will introduce the products that are actually on sale. Even with the same flaxseed oil, the place of origin and nutritional components vary depending on the manufacturer. If you don't know which one to buy, why not try the products in this item first.

Organic edible flaxseed oil

Organic oil that American organic oil maker "Omega Nutrition" sends to Japan with confidence. That is organic edible flaxseed oil.

This product boasts a repeat rate of over 70% on Rakuten Ichiba. The secret seems to be thorough product management.

The natural enemy of flaxseed oil is oxidation by light, heat and oxygen. Therefore, OMEGA thoroughly cuts the cause of oxidation in the entire process from manufacturing to shipping. High-quality oil made from organically grown flaxseed has been delivered to homes in its original quality without deterioration. This product is recommended for those who are concerned about even slight oxidation.

Nippon Amani Oil

Nippon Flour Mills, commonly known as "Nippon", which is widely engaged in the food business centered on the flour milling industry, is focusing on flaxseed products. Nippon Amani Oil is on sale as part of this.

Flaxseed oil, which uses only the golden flaxseed "Golden Species" produced in Canada, is rich in omega 3 and has no complaints about its nutritional value. We have devised ways to suppress oxidation, and we use a double-structured bottle that thoroughly shuts out air. Nippon Flour Mills also sells dressings that use plenty of flaxseed oil. There are many kinds and there are also classic flavors such as sesame and Caesar, so please check that as well.

Nisshin flaxseed oil

Nissin is the first large company in Japan to sell salad oil. Nissin, which has been a constant leader in the domestic cooking oil industry, also handles flaxseed oil, of course. "Nissin flaxseed oil" sold by Nissin contains 2.5g of omega 3 (α-linolenic acid) in 1 teaspoon. The health benefits of flaxseed oil are largely due to this omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid), and for adults it is recommended to take about 2g per day.

In other words, you can fully enjoy the benefits of flaxseed oil just by taking 1 teaspoon of this product every day. It is a perfect oil for beginners who do not know the proper amount of flaxseed oil.

Explaining products using flaxseed oil

Here, we will look at products that make effective use of flaxseed oil, not flaxseed oil itself. It is best to have high quality flaxseed oil as it is. However, there may be some who say, "I can't do that" in each situation. Those who are not good at oil in the first place. Those who want health are not humans. I hope that those who have such a situation will have an opportunity to use flaxseed oil.

Flaxseed oil supplement

"It's hard to incorporate flaxseed oil into your daily diet" "I'm not good at eating unheated oil" If you're like that, you have the option of choosing a supplement made from flaxseed oil. If it is a supplement, you can drink it without worrying about the texture and flavor of the oil, so you can easily take the ingredients of flaxseed oil. Also, the big advantage of supplements is that you can take only the necessary ingredients. As I explained earlier, omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid) is responsible for most of the health benefits of flaxseed oil.

Flaxseed oil is also an oil. If you overdose to take omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid), you may get sick. Such troubles can be solved with supplements extracted from omega 3 (α-linolenic acid).

However, some studies have stated that "flaxseed oil is not expected to be effective when taken as a supplement." It's best to keep nutrition in food and treat supplements as a supplement.

Flaxseed oil for pets

We humans are not the only ones seeking the abundant nutrition of flaxseed oil. What would you do if you really wanted your dog, your cat, and your precious pet? Omega Nutrition, which I introduced earlier, judged from the results of various medical studies that "omega 3 (α-linolenic acid), which is the main component of flaxseed oil, is also effective for animals."

We develop and sell supplement oils that supplement nutrients that pet food lacks and help pets lead a healthy life.

There are many other places that sell pet oil. Oiling your pet is one of the finest options. If you want to consider flaxseed oil for pets, first consult your veterinarian. Please do not make an amateur judgment, but listen to the opinions of experts before introducing.

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We have introduced the knowledge you need to know when choosing flaxseed oil and typical products. It would be great if you could understand what flaxseed oil you should buy. It's been a few years since flaxseed oil became a boom. Flaxseed oil has become easier to buy at supermarkets and online stores, and the number of flaxseed oils is increasing to the point where it is difficult to grasp. If you are a beginner, please use the knowledge you learned in this article to choose "one bottle of flaxseed oil". How about finding the best flaxseed oil for you from "First one"?

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