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Flaxseed oil for pets

Speaking of flaxseed oil, it is an oil that is attracting attention because it can be healthy with one cup a day. It's a popular secret that it contains the topic of omega 3, but did you know that it's actually good for your pet's health? Your dog or cat, as well as your pet's new staple, ferrets, may be screaming in your heart, "I want flaxseed oil." So, this time, I will explain the effect of flaxseed oil on pets.

Is it effective for flaxseed oil pets?

Humans and pets are the same animals. The nutrients that are easily deficient are unexpectedly similar, and flaxseed oil supplements one of them, omega 3.

Should flaxseed oil be taken by pets as well?

In recent years, the evolution of pet food has been remarkable, and it has become commonplace for products to take into consideration not only taste but also nutritional value.

However, there are still some nutrients that cannot be covered. That is the omega 3 of flaxseed oil. You can easily get the omega 3s you need for your pet's health by drinking the right amount of flaxseed oil directly or mixing it with your diet.

Effects by pet

Dogs: Like the human body, dogs are thought to need omega 3 oil. In particular, a lack of omega 3 has a strong effect on the coat and can lead to dryness, dullness and, in severe cases, skin disease. However, if you give only commercially available dog food, omega 3 tends to be in short supply, so it is effective to supplement it with flaxseed oil.

・ Cats: Cats also have a large effect on their coat and gloss depending on the amount of omega 3 intake. If you're having trouble with your cat's lack of luster lately, a teaspoon of flaxseed oil may help. By the way, in addition to omega 3, protein is also involved in the hair quality of cats. Please review from your usual cat food.

Ferrets: You may know this if you have been keeping ferrets for many years. For a while, it was a big boom to get ferrets to drink good quality oil. Ferret-specialized food store "Ferret Mart" sells oil exclusively for ferrets.

It claims the effect of beautifying the coat, and even advertises "The ferret using this product won a prize at the ferret show!" Besides, it seems that there is a very high demand such as handling flaxseed itself for ferrets that are hungry.

・ Horse: Although it is a story that we, the general public, have little connection with, flaxseed oil is also playing an active role in raising racehorses. It is said that proper intake of flaxseed oil is an indispensable point for raising horses that can win horse races, because horses also lack omega 3 just by living normally.

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The effect of flaxseed oil on pets

Now that we have introduced pets that are effective with flaxseed oil, this section will explain in detail what kind of effect flaxseed oil has. From improving the appearance of fur and skin to improving the inside of the body such as immune function and disease prevention, flaxseed oil is an oil that will rejuvenate your pet from all directions.

Flaxseed oil is effective for hair quality

As I mentioned earlier, the most obvious effect of flaxseed oil on pets is to improve hair quality. It is said that "unhealthy people get worse from the skin", and when a doctor examines a human, he first observes the skin closely.

The same is true for pets. Undernourishment causes dry skin, which causes stiff, dull and dandruff hair. As a result, the coat becomes worse.

However, giving a random and nutritious product will not improve the hair quality at all. You need to feed the right food. One of them is flaxseed oil, which has a large amount of omega 3 fatty acids. As I will explain in detail later, omega 3 fatty acids are nutrients that are also called essential fatty acids. It is an important oil that is indispensable for both humans and animals, so why not make a habit of taking it with your cute pet?

Flaxseed oil is also effective for pet health

Other health benefits of flaxseed oil for pets include: By the way, these effects can be expected to be great even when ingested by humans.

Prevention and improvement of arthritis, support of the immune system, suppression and delay of cancer, enhancement of visceral function

Of particular note is "cancer suppression and delay." The Special Care Foundation, formed by talented veterinarians abroad, asserts that cancer treatment for pets will be improved by DHA (a type of omega-3 fatty acid). In 2002, a French research group published a treatise concluding that "DHA reduces the risk of developing breast cancer," and there are reports around the world that omega 3 is useful in treating pet cancer. .. The main component of flaxseed oil is omega 3. Flaxseed oil gives your pet the power to stay healthy for a long time.

Explaining the ingredients of flaxseed oil

So far, you can understand that "linseed oil is good for pets" and "apparently omega 3 is the key". However, even if it is said to be "wonderful", some people may not be able to get it right. So this time, I will explain the ingredients of flaxseed oil. Why flaxseed oil should be given to pets. Let's thoroughly analyze the "why".

Omega 3 with flaxseed oil is good for pets

In the first place, flaxseed oil is a naturally derived oil obtained from the seed of a plant called flax. The omega-3 fatty acid, which is the main component of this flaxseed oil, is also called an essential fatty acid. Despite the components that humans cannot produce in the body, they are called essential fatty acids in the sense that dietary intake is "essential" because they are essential for metabolism.

This omega 3. Like humans, animals such as dogs and cats cannot be produced in the body. Omega 3 is very good for your pet's body because it was an essential ingredient in the first place.

By the way, omega 3 contains not only flaxseed oil but also a lot of fish such as tuna and salmon and marine products such as shellfish. However, it is difficult to adjust the salt content and it is not recommended to feed the fish as it is to the pet. Flaxseed oil, a natural oil derived from plants, can be safely fed to pets by adding a small amount to your daily diet.

About the effect of omega 3

The omega-3 fatty acid contained in flaxseed oil is also called α-linolenic acid, and when it enters the body, it changes to the same omega-3 components such as DHA and EPA.

DHA and EPA metabolized from high-quality oil serve as a film that protects cells and is a material that creates glossy skin. This is the main reason for improving hair quality.

In addition, the anti-inflammatory effect of the ingredients also works to suppress inflammation in the body. This anti-inflammatory effect is the origin of the prevention of arthritis and the strengthening of immunity. The body of a pet that has received these effects normalizes and becomes healthy from the inside of the body. The internal organs will be stronger, less susceptible to illness, and will look healthy forever.

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I have explained the points that flaxseed oil is very effective for pets such as ferrets. I hope you feel that your pet is definitely looking for flaxseed oil! But don't be impatient. When giving flaxseed oil to your pet, first consult with your veterinarian. If you have listened to the opinions of experts and come to the conclusion that it is necessary, give your pet flaxseed oil without hesitation. I want pets, who are also members of the family, to be healthy. Please consider introducing flaxseed oil in order to fulfill that natural feeling.

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