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5 supplements using flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil containing omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid), which is essential for the body. However, it is also a delicate food such as storage method and cooking method. Flaxseed oil supplements make it easy to take such flaxseed oil. Even if it is called a supplement, it depends on the nutrients to be mixed, whether it is a capsule type or a tablet. There are various people who want to take the nutrients that they lack, and those who prefer a supplement that contains the ingredients of flaxseed oil. This time, I would like to introduce such a flaxseed oil supplement.

Regarding supplements using flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil is a good food oil for the body, but it is surprisingly difficult to continue taking it every day. Therefore, one of the efficient ways to take supplements is. You can easily drink flaxseed oil with water at any time and place, so you can take flaxseed oil every day. Here, we would like to introduce such flaxseed oil supplements.

What is the effect of flaxseed oil?

It is a lipid (oil) that you always take in your diet, but if you have an unbalanced diet, your body's lipids will be biased. And the fact is that most of them are consuming oils that are not good for their health.

Therefore, I would like to pay attention to the "essential fatty acids" contained in flaxseed oil. Omega 3 (α-linolenic acid), which is the main component of flaxseed oil, is an essential fatty acid but cannot be produced in the body, so there is no choice but to take it from the outside.

There are various effects, such as prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, normalization of hormone balance, reduction of symptoms of menopause, reduction of symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, relief of mental illness, etc. It also has a sedative effect that suppresses inflammation such as atopy and allergies. In addition, the growth inhibitory effect of cancer cells has been reported, and new discoveries are expected in the future as an effect of flaxseed oil.

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Supplements are also effective for experiencing the effects of flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil is easily oxidized when it comes in contact with air, and has delicate properties that are vulnerable to direct sunlight and heat. Many people may find it difficult to take it every day in their daily diet. Nutrients that are difficult to take are inevitably avoided.

I think supplements can easily realize the effects of flaxseed oil even for those who are busy or find it troublesome. The main way to cook flaxseed oil is to "do not heat" or "put it in a dressing", but if it is an oil that is not heated, you can expect the same effect with capsules.

In addition, since each item is kept fresh, there is no need to be nervous about the troublesome storage method and expiration date. Not only for those who cook every day, but also for those who want to maintain their health while spending busy time, taking flaxseed oil as a supplement may be effective.

5 supplements using flaxseed oil

Even in your busy daily life, many people want to take flaxseed oil, which contains essential nutrients. However, if you don't know what kind of supplement is right for you, here are five supplements that use flaxseed oil. How to choose should change according to your lifestyle and age. Please refer to it.

Supplement using flaxseed oil. @: Ajinomoto "DHA & EPA + Vitamin D"

Ajinomoto "DHA & EPA + Vitamin D" is a supplement that supports a fish-deficient diet. You can take 500.r, which is the standard daily intake, firmly.

It contains DHA300.r, EPA100.r, and α-linolenic acid 100.r (4 tablets a day) and can be drunk with water, so you can easily supplement omega 3 (α-linolenic acid), which tends to be deficient. It starts from 17 yen a day, so it's easy on your wallet. It is said that the essential fatty acids required per day are 2000.r. In terms of cooking, tuna sashimi weighs about 800g, and bonito sashimi weighs 127g, which is too much to eat every day.

In particular, older people tend to have thinner foods, and I think that some people have restrictions on calorie intake due to chronic illness. It is also recommended as a supplement that can efficiently support the intake of omega 3 (α-linolenic acid) for such people. Vitamin D was produced in the body by being exposed to ultraviolet rays such as sunbathing, but it has become a nutrient that tends to be deficient due to measures against ultraviolet rays. You can also take this vitamin D. Ajinomoto's motto is safe and secure quality control. This supplement is also recommended for those who are worried about the lack of blue fish on a daily basis.

Supplement using flaxseed oil A: AMANI Soy & Flux

AMANI Soy & Flux is a supplement that focuses on "femininity". It is also a recommended supplement for people in their 40s and older who are more likely to have hormonal imbalances.

The main ingredients are flax lignan, which is a rare ingredient that can be obtained from only 1% of flaxseed oil, and soy isoflavone (germ). It is a supplement that specializes in ingredients that create femininity that can be supplemented in everyday life. Flaxseed oil, which is difficult to consume in everyday meals. Moreover, it is a condensed supplement because it uses rare ingredients. It is also attractive that you take 2 tablets a day and the price is 60 yen, which is easy to maintain. It is a supplement that is taken with beauty in mind rather than with a healthy diet in mind. It is a supplement that supports nutrients that are often deficient in everyday meals, and is also close to those who do not have firmness on their skin and hair. First of all, I think that it is easy for the first person to start by trying it with a 30-day skin cycle and purchasing it regularly.

Supplement using flaxseed oil B: Flax village

"Flax Village" is a supplement that simply encapsulates flaxseed oil. Flaxseed oil uses only 100% pure oil that is cold pressed from seeds from flaxseed from Hokkaido. It is an attractive product with simple, safe and secure quality that contains 100% domestic flaxseed oil that does not use pesticides. It is a supplement that gives you confidence in quality where it is not refined at all.

About 50% of 1g of omega 3 (α-linolenic acid) recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare can be supplemented with 6 tablets per day. It is a supplement that not only supplements half of omega 3 (α-linolenic acid), which is difficult to take in a day, but also pays attention to its high quality. As a precaution when ingesting, pure oil is used, so it is recommended to drink it with plenty of water so as not to damage the gastric mucosa.

This supplement is also recommended for those who place importance on high quality, such as natural materials and domestic products. It is a grain that condenses the goodness of flaxseed oil without any seriousness. It is also a supplement that feels like drinking flaxseed oil as it is. Please try it.

Supplement using flaxseed oil C: Real supplement flaxseed oil

"Real supplement flaxseed oil" is a supplement made by condensing oil squeezed from flax seeds into a single grain. More than 50% of the fatty acids contained are omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid). It also contains linoleic acid and oleic acid, but it is 100% flaxseed oil that is made by carefully squeezing organically grown flaxseed at a low temperature.

The daily intake is 300.r of flaxseed oil (organic) per grain. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare can cover about half of what is needed per day.

Compared to other supplements, I think the price is low. It is a supplement that you can use with confidence because the raw material notation is solid, no artificial coloring, preservatives, preservatives are used, and quality control is done at the pharmaceutical factory. In addition, it is sold for about 1 month for M size and about 6 months for LL size. Speaking of profit, there is no problem with the quality of LL size, but due to the characteristics of flaxseed oil, it is desirable to purchase it in M size. First of all, it is recommended for those who want to try flaxseed oil.

Supplement using flaxseed oil D: Kisui

Kisui's "flaxseed oil supplement" is a 100% flaxseed oil supplement made by pressing flax seeds produced in Hokkaido and cultivated without using any pesticides at a low temperature. As a feature, it is a product of pure oil itself that is pesticide-free, additive-free, and encapsulated in soft capsules while maintaining freshness. Hokkaido is the only country that makes flax in Japan. Domestic flaxseed oil has a high rarity value, and I think you will be satisfied with its safety and security. 6 tablets a day, 163 yen, may feel a little expensive when compared to other supplements, but it can be said that it is a supplement that repeaters are constant because of its high quality.

There are not many domestic flaxseed oil supplements, so it is recommended not only for those who value natural ingredients and quality, but also for those who want to take in the nutrients that are lacking.


It is also important to continue to take flaxseed oil more effectively. However, it may be the most difficult thing to continue in everyday life. If you add flaxseed oil to your daily diet or take supplements in combination with eating blue fish dishes, you may be able to take it more effectively and easily. Concentrated flaxseed oil supplements are easy to store and drink, so they're easy to keep going. It is also recommended for busy people as you can take fresh flaxseed oil even when you do not have time such as lunch break. Also, I think it will be more effective if you can get essential fatty acids from foods as well as supplements. It is perfect for supporting health management with supplements so that maintaining health is not a hassle. Please take this opportunity to try it.

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