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What is the effect of flaxseed oil on beautiful skin and atopy?

It was said that oil is not good for diet and health because it has the image of getting fat. However, since it was discovered that flaxseed oil contains ingredients that are good for health, it has become a hot topic as an oil that is good for the body, and it is attracting attention not only for its health benefits but also for its skin-beautifying effects. .. Here, we will explain in an easy-to-understand manner why it is effective in improving skin problems and creating beautiful skin.

Health benefits of flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil is an oil extracted from the seeds of a plant called flax. After it was discovered that it contained healthy ingredients, it was taken up by the media as an edible oil and attracted attention.

Why flaxseed oil is attracting attention for its health benefits

Flaxseed oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are contained in the fatty acids that are the main constituents of the lipids that make up one of the five major nutrients, but since they are not produced by the body, they must be taken from food.

Omega 3 fatty acids improve allergic diseases, activate brain cells, improve and promote immune function, and smooth blood, so they can be used for arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, and hypertension. It is said to be effective in prevention.

Essential fatty acids, which are fatty acids that cannot be produced by the body, include omega-6 fatty acids in addition to omega-3 fatty acids, but omega-6 fatty acids are oils that are also contained in snacks and sweet buns, so you do not have to be aware of them. You can take enough. However, omega-3 fatty acids are a component that is abundant in fish and crustaceans, so their intake is currently insufficient. Flaxseed oil is attracting attention for its ability to consume omega 3 fatty acids more efficiently than eating fish.

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Flaxseed oil is effective for skin beautification and atopy

Flaxseed oil is an oil that can be expected not only to have health benefits but also to beautify the skin.

The omega-3 fatty acid α-linolenic acid contained in flaxseed oil has the effects of suppressing allergies and anti-aging, and can be expected to have the effect of suppressing allergic skin diseases such as atopy.

A deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids can also lead to rough skin. Eczema and atopy in infants are caused by omega 3 fatty acid deficiency, so it may be useful as a countermeasure for children's malnutrition and skin problems. It is recommended to take an appropriate amount to beautify the skin and solve skin problems.

Improving blood flow leads to a beautiful skin effect

It is important to keep the capillaries young in order to create youthful skin.

Omega 3 has the effect of improving the clogging of capillaries, distributing blood firmly and delivering the necessary nutrients to each cell. It is no exaggeration to say that anti-aging requires capillaries because clean skin and hair are made by delivering nutrients through capillaries.

Capillaries, which are about 1/10 the size of hair, allow blood to flow at a tremendous speed, deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells, and at the same time remove waste products. When blood flow is poor, naturally oxygen and nutrients cannot be delivered to cells, and waste products are also accumulated, so the function of cells deteriorates and aging progresses steadily. Omega 3, which has the effect of improving blood flow, is a very important ingredient for beautiful skin.

What is the effect of flaxseed oil atopy?

Atopic dermatitis is one of the allergic skin diseases, but there are different treatments because it is caused by a combination of various causes. Flaxseed oil is attracting attention because it can also be expected to have an effect on atopy.

What is the cause of atopy?

It is said that atopic dermatitis is caused by a combination of factors such as allergen invasion and stress in a dry place where the barrier function of the skin is reduced, but the cause has not yet been clarified. ..

Itchy eczema is characterized by repeated improvement and worsening of symptoms, and it is thought that people with a predisposition to allergies, such as the person or family having an allergic disease, are likely to become. ..

Human skin has a barrier function that prevents foreign enemies such as germs from entering the body, but people with atopic dermatitis have various stimuli and allergens due to the reduced barrier function. Is in a state where it is easy to invade. When an allergen invades, it binds to immune cells and releases histamine, causing inflammation. Skin with a reduced barrier function will itch even with a slight stimulus, so if it is damaged, the barrier function will be further destroyed and a vicious cycle will occur.

Regarding the effect of flaxseed oil on atopy

Omega 3 fatty acids contained in flaxseed oil can be expected to have the effect of improving allergic diseases, improving blood flow, removing waste products, and enhancing cell function. , Prevents dryness, which is one of the factors of atopy.

Overseas, flaxseed oil supplements are also sold for the purpose of improving itchy skin diseases such as atopy. Taking flaxseed oil does not have immediate effects, but continued use may be expected to gradually relieve symptoms.


Ingesting ingredients that are good for the body is the most important for improving allergic skin diseases such as skin beautification and atopy. The omega 3 fatty acid contained in flaxseed oil is an indispensable ingredient for making beautiful skin, such as improving allergic diseases and anti-aging, as well as health benefits. Flaxseed oil can be taken in the required amount with about 1 teaspoon a day, so you can easily incorporate it into your daily diet. Many people say that atopic dermatitis could be improved just by reviewing their eating habits and lifestyle, so let's take it in to get a beautiful skin effect.

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