Linen products that are active in the kitchen and their characteristics

Linen, which has a natural texture and high functionality, is a popular material used in every item in our lives. Many products are on sale because the characteristics and properties of linen make it ideal for use in kitchen items. Here, in order to enjoy a more comfortable life, we will introduce the reasons for the popularity of linen and the features of kitchen linen, along with products using linen.

Linen material characteristics

Linen, which has a unique luster and is supple, is the best material to use in your daily life because the more you use it, the better the texture. The reason why linen is so popular is that it has far more merits, and products that take advantage of its characteristics are playing an active role in our daily lives.

Linen has the following characteristics as a material.

・ Approximately 4 times more hygroscopic than cotton

-It is about twice as resistant to decay as cotton, so it is not easily damaged even when washed.

・ Because it is abrasion resistant, it is durable and lasts a long time.

・ Highly antibacterial and suppresses the growth of mold and germs

・ It has the property of storing air in the fibers and keeps the temperature constant.

・ Since it has the property of naturally trying to get moisture out, it dries quickly.

・ It has a deodorizing effect because the ingredients that repel the penetration of dirt work.

・ It has a higher thermal conductivity than wool and keeps heat.

It can be said that the reason why linen is so popular is that it is a material that has functionality as well as unique texture and softness.

Why linen works in the kitchen

You might think that cotton is the material used in the kitchen, but linen is a very suitable material for kitchen items. Due to the attractiveness of linen materials, kitchen linen products are becoming more and more popular. By knowing the characteristics of kitchen linen, you will be more interested in it and will definitely want to incorporate it.

Easy to remove dirt

The pectin contained in linen fibers has the property of coating the fibers to prevent dirt from getting inside the fibers.

Since it protects from dirt, it is hard to get dirty, and even if it gets dirty, it can be easily removed by washing. Items used in the kitchen, such as kitchen towels and napkins, are easy to get dirty, but linen that is hard to get dirty and easy to remove can be used without hesitation, and it has the advantage of being hygienic because it can be kept clean.

Excellent water absorption and easy to dry

Linen has a structure that contains air inside the fibers, so it has the characteristic of absorbing moisture quickly and releasing it quickly, making it a perfect material for kitchens that often use water.

Since it dries naturally and dries quickly, it has antibacterial properties that suppress the growth of mold and germs, and also has a deodorizing effect. In a food kitchen, choosing hygienic items is very important, so it's easy to see that linen is the best material.

Can be washed and is convenient to store

Linen is the toughest material in natural fibers and is twice as strong as cotton. In addition, it has the property of increasing its strength by containing moisture, so you do not have to worry about damage to the fabric even if you wash it frequently.

Kitchen utensils that you use every day must be durable, as they are washed repeatedly. Durable linen material can be used habitually for a long time.

In addition, linen isn't as fluffy as cotton, so it's not bulky when stored. It fits neatly even when folded and stacked, so it does not take up space for storage and is very convenient for storage. It fits compactly in your luggage, making it a great material to carry around when you go out.

Linen products that can be used in the kitchen

Linen is a standard material used as a kitchen item because it is functional and convenient.

Kitchen linen products � @: Kitchen cloth

The kitchen cloth, which is also a point of the interior, can be used comfortably by selecting the material according to the purpose.

Linen, which becomes softer and more familiar as you use it, is a typical material used for kitchen cloth. It has four times the water absorption capacity of a sack and has excellent quick-drying properties, so it is especially suitable for cloth for cleaning dishes.

Since there is little fluffing, glass products can be blown up cleanly. Pectin, an ingredient contained in linen, has the property of suppressing the penetration of dirt, and can be used hygienically due to its high deodorant effect and antibacterial properties. If you have a large kitchen cloth, it is recommended to use it as an interior, such as putting it on a storage basket.

Kitchen linen products A: Linen napkins

In Japan, there is no custom to use table napkins, but table napkins are an important item for table coordination. Linen is also the perfect material for table napkins.

Table napkins are napkins for meals, so they are easy to get dirty, but pectin coats the fibers, so they are hard to get dirty.

In addition, it is a durable material that is easy to remove even if it gets dirty, so you do not have to worry about the fabric being damaged even if you wash it frequently. Linen napkins with a natural texture will further expand the fun and charm of table setting.

Kitchen linen products B: Apron

Linen is a material that makes an apron with a sober image look fashionable. Breathable linen dries quickly, making it ideal for aprons that are often used in water work.

The texture and firmness of the dough, which is different from that of sushi, gives it a luxurious feel, and the more you use it, the more the texture changes and the taste comes out. The fibers are durable and durable, so they are not easily damaged and can be used for a long time, and they look fashionable and easy to use. Linen aprons are available in various designs and colors, such as a full apron that can be worn around the neck, a dress type that can cover the whole body, a long sommelier apron, and a short cafe apron.


Linen material, which is easy to remove stains and has excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties, is the best material for kitchen items that often use water. It's durable, so it's strong against washing, and you can spend a convenient and comfortable life just by changing kitchen items to linen. Why don't you incorporate linen products, which are attractive for their unique texture and softness of natural fibers, into your kitchen? Linen, which will become even more textured as it is used for a long time, blends naturally into your life and creates a life full of gorgeousness and kindness.

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