3 sites where you can buy linen fabrics and clothes online

Linen material is a product that attracts attention from people who like natural clothing and natural materials. There are various sites, and you can also buy them on major internet sites. Meanwhile, I would like to introduce three online shops that have a strong "linen commitment". However, it is not only fashionable, but also three sites that are full of the feelings of manufacturing through linen. Please use it as a reference when purchasing linen fabrics.

Fabric forest

Fabric Forest is a long-established fabric store that has been making only natural fabrics for 50 years. As the domestic textile industry is declining, it is also attracting attention as a store specializing in original fabrics by making use of its unique development technology and know-how. Nowadays, the recognition has risen until many famous designers, brands, and collections around the world are exhibited, and in 2005, the online shop "Fabric Forest" was opened with the desire to let more people know about the original fabrics. Did. It is a shop that does not compromise on the concept of its own original, and has a wide range of fabrics such as shades with a unique design. The style of making fabrics, which is to create new things while valuing the traditions of Japan, is a heartwarming stance, isn't it?

Available from linen fabric

Fabric Forest handles many original products made of natural materials, but of course linen fabrics are also abundant.

If you click on the item "Hemp / Linen", the options will be "Hemp / Linen", "Search by thickness", and "Search by type". If you select all hemp and linen, you will end up with a lot of mixed dough, so we recommend "Search by type". Belgian linen, ramie linen, Irish linen, Kortrijk linen, French linen, Italian linen, Eurasian linen, etc. There is also a linen waffle, which has become popular in recent years, and it is divided into thick and thin, so you can purchase it according to the season. Looking at the variety of fabrics, it is very fulfilling.

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Faux & Cachet Inc.

"Faux & Cachet Inc." is a store specializing in Lithuanian linen. Some of them handle clothes such as shirts, but basically it is an online shop that sells Lithuanian linen fabrics. There are various types of linen fabrics, but it is also interesting to see why Lithuanian linen is used. Here, let's introduce the charm of such "Faux & Cachet Inc." together.

Lithuanian linen specialty store

If you find out why "Faux & Cachet Inc." specializes in Lithuanian linen, you may find out more about the appeal of this service. The owner, who was not familiar with linen trade, collected dozens of linen factory list information through the consulate. The owner was almost refused when I visited the factories on that list, but I happened to meet the Lithuanian linen factory owner who is scheduled to visit Japan. From there, it became possible to trade, and it became an opportunity to grow into a Lithuanian linen specialty store. Above all, when I stayed at the factory owner's second house, I experienced factory tours and daily life. The house is full of Lithuanian linen, which is quite natural and warm. Above all, the sound of the loom, the appearance of the building, and the expressive linen made by the aunts chatting in it are made. The light coming in through the window was reflected by the loom, and the scene reflected seemed to answer why I was attracted to Lithuanian linen.

I became a Lithuanian linen specialty store because I wanted to convey this calm scenery to Japan together with Lithuanian linen.

Faux & Cachet Inc. Access from the link below


What is Lithuanian linen?

Faux & Cachet Inc. handles what is called Lithuanian linen. There are many types and characteristics of linen, and the texture changes depending on the climate and characteristics of the country. In medieval northern Europe, women worked in many families weaving linen yarn. Lithuanian people spend a lot of time growing linen. It has played a very important role in Lithuanian culture. Due to its blessed climate and personality, it is still being made in Lithuania.

Among the various types of linen, Lithuanian linen has a relatively solid and simple taste. Linen is not cultivated in Lithuania, but the traditions and culture that it has continued to grow are still being passed down.

Lithuanian linen is characterized by a large amount of linen-specific fushi called Nep, and there is also a traditional weaving method in which it is woven unevenly and thickly to increase hygroscopicity, and it is also characterized by being finished in a richly expressive fabric. Unlike high-class linen, it features a simple texture and tough fabric suitable for everyday use.

LINNET webshop

LINNET is an online shop that mainly sells linen fabrics. Among the specialty stores, there are many custom-made items as well as fabrics, and it is also a very popular linen specialty store for those who are handmade or who want to make things.

Handling of clothes and linen products

LINNET has many linen categories and is like a store lined up. We basically sell LINNET original linen fabric collection.

The notation is 100% flax. In the fall and winter, we also have a linen of products such as wool, linen wool using cashmere hemp and cashmere, linen cashmere, and hemp cashmere. The nice thing about this service is the sample sending service. Since you can place an order after you are satisfied with (some products), it is very convenient that you can experience the touch of the skin that you do not know in the online shop. It also sells linen accessories and miscellaneous goods, so it's a fun site just to look at. The clothes are original LINNET fabrics and designs, and they are attractive because they are more and more tasteful to wear.

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In this article, we have introduced three sites where you can buy linen fabrics and clothes online. Of course, there are many shops that have a strong desire for linen, not to mention the product lineup, and linen is loved by so many people. I think there are other sites that specialize in linen, but if you just take into consideration the feelings of the shop and the characteristics of the linen you are dealing with, the selection of fabrics and clothes will change, and you may be more interested in it. ..

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