World linen clothing brands

The popularity of linen clothing is universal. Linen attracts people from all over the world with its unique texture and texture, clothes that can be worn for years, and a simple yet wonderful atmosphere. And there are many linen clothing brands in the world. If you like linen, you might be curious about what linen clothing brands in the world look like. Introducing Australian, European and American brands.

Australian linen brand

Linen is in English and is Linen. First, let me introduce you to Australian linen clothing brands. "Slow fashion" is the key to Australian linen clothing. "Slow fashion" means that manufacturing is done under the concept of high quality, environmental friendliness, and fairness for both manufacturers and buyers. Some brands take into account long-term changes in climate, such as global warming, and the characteristics of linen are utilized in making clothes.

Love Linen

Love Linen official website

Love Linen is a Western Australian label. Australia has been severely damaged by forest fires since 2019, but considering the effects of long-term climate changes, we are creating eco-friendly, beautiful and comfortable clothes that are kind to the earth.

Under the concept of "slow fashion", we are doing limited production with a permanent design.

The cute design of the top and bottoms linen in the same color, the chic color dress, and the robe that can be worn over the swimsuit make each item look great in the Australian sun. Love Linen linen clothing is popular for its light items that can be worn both in the city and on the beach.


OMNESS official website

OMNESS linen clothing along the Sydney coast has been designed by clothing designer Jules in Australia with a love for Bali, Indonesia.

And the talented Balinese tailor Gusti and his family are doing less production to reduce the waste of clothing. Linen clothing is always made with the consciousness of being "loose" and with the importance of longevity.

OMNESS's motto is to use natural materials, to be a healthy and happy person, to eliminate waste, and to value the environment. Basically, the linen clothes that are inspired by living freely are designed with cute buttons and so on.


Posse official website

Posse in Sydney makes handmade linen clothes. By hand-crafting products by women in Bali, Indonesia, we support them so that they can live on their own.

Through this activity, Balinese women have created excellent and long-lasting products. In addition, we have succeeded in producing very attractive and chic clothes. Based in Sydney, Posse linen clothing is shipped worldwide.

From simple linen shirts to blouses and tank tops with feminine and gentle frills, we also have hair accessories that can be coordinated together.

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European linen brand

Speaking of linen such as French linen and Irish linen, Europe is said to be a longing place. This time, I would like to introduce Lithuanian brands in Europe.


Linenfox official website

Linenfox was started in 2014 by a couple in Lithuania. We value ethics and create linen clothes that are long-lasting and have a beautiful design.

We have various lines such as jumpsuits, tunics and aprons. Made in Lithuanian linen garments are also shipped overseas, but the packaging is also eco-friendly. You can also find many good reviews of Linenfox linen clothing on Etsy.


NOT PERFECT LINEN official website

NOT PERFECT LINEN linen clothing, started by a family in Lithuania, can be found on Etsy.

We avoid mechanical manufacturing as much as possible and are particular about making high quality linen clothes made by people who are talented and passionate about making clothes. Beautifully colored products such as rolled tunics, tank tops, dresses, shirts and skirts are highly regarded by Etsy.

Ode To Sunday

Ode To Sunday Official Website

Ode To Sunday is also a Lithuanian-based brand.

Tops, dresses and bottoms made from Lithuanian medium weight linen yarn are made by tailors who get the right wages.

The linen handed to the local tailor is sewn accurately and softened. The finish, which is completely different from the mechanical one, is due to the fact that each process is done manually. You can see the tailor's face, which must be a connection to the clothes for those who wear Ode To Sunday linen clothes.

Magic Linen

Magic Linen official website

Founder Vita started Magic Linen in her home country of Lithuania when she realized that her mother and grandmother's linen lasted longer than hers.

Magic Linen is now growing as a family-owned business loved by many, especially for tailor-made linen fabrics and apparel. Many products have received a lot of 5 star ratings on Etsy. Pricing up to $ 125 is also easy to find, which is why it's so popular.

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American linen brand

Let me introduce four linen clothing brands from the United States. What kind of linen clothes do brands in Los Angeles and New York make?

Pyne & Smith

Pyne & Smith Official Website

Pyne & Smith is a linen clothing brand located in Los Angeles, USA. Based on the concept of made in USA and eco-friendly, we started with 100% European linen, and as an interesting attempt, we recycled unused fabrics for seat covers such as cars and airplanes, and made them at our factory in Los Angeles. doing.

If you're looking for cool, comfortable clothing that can keep up with the changing temperatures of the planet, Pyne & Smith is for you. Whether it's work, dinner or the beach, you'll always find linen clothing that you can wear in any situation.


EILEEN FISHER official website

From New York, we would like to introduce EILEEN FISHER.

If you are looking for stylish linen clothing, this is a highly recommended brand. 100% organic linen clothing is made to last a long time.

Products made from French flax are designed to be worn from weekdays to holidays, starting with light dresses, jackets and cardigans. EILEEN FISHER linen clothing has the right fabric, the right comfort, and the right ethics.


Reformation official website

Reformation purchases linen from non-GMO French farmers.

Spun and dyed linen is specially designed and manufactured in the Los Angeles space for the highest quality. Carefully crafted linen clothing makes it a comfortable and breathable item for hot summers and evening outings. We reduce nearly 700 gallons of water and carbon dioxide emissions to create the longest-lasting linen garment.

Black Crane

Black Crane Official Website

Black Crane in Los Angeles wants to make people's lives simpler and more relaxing.

The same is true for what you wear. The team is made up of two directors and designers, all made locally. The loose cardigans, jumpsuits and wide leg jumpers created are very comfortable and tell the relaxed lifestyle that many people long for.

A world linen brand with the concept of slow fashion

The common concept of linen brands around the world is "slow fashion" and "eco-friendly". Linen clothing that connects the feelings of the creator and the wearer, unlike mass production. The linen brand will continue to offer products that it loves, in order to further enhance the positive aspects of high-quality, eco-friendly linen. You can see and order these linen brands on the website without having to go abroad. It would be very interesting to check the linen of the world, such as thoughts that are common to Japan and ideas that are different from Japan.

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