World bed linen brands

A good night's sleep relieves fatigue both physically and mentally and keeps you healthy. For a good night's sleep, it is important to be in a relaxed state before going to bed, and it is also important to choose bedding that invites a good night's sleep. Bed linen is popular as a bedding to heal the tiredness of the day and get up refreshed because of its design and functionality. Introducing linen used in luxury hotels and homes, and bed linen brands from around the world.

World bed linen brands

Linen has many functions such as water absorption, quick-drying, and divergence in a gentle color, and linen is very excellent as bedding. Bed linen has a long history, and some brands in France have been dealing with bed linen for over 150 years. Introducing three bed linen brands from around the world.


Parachute official website

Based in Venice, California, Parachute started a business in 2014 that connects directly with customers through online stores only. "It doesn't cost a ridiculous amount," said Gail Simmons, a judge on the famous American reality cooking show Top Chef, about Parachute's bed linen.

In this way, Parachute offers a solid feel of linen and a rich variety of colors at an average price.

Serena & Lily

Serena & Lily Official Website

Serena & Lily combines her passion for linen with the breeze of California and makes bed linen with the idea that her home is her favorite place and she should be comfortable every day.

Feather-light European linen cover is chic and comfortable. Linen from high quality flax is dyed into threads and specially washed to make it feel as soft as possible.

The fabric becomes softer each time you wash it at home, so it feels better each time you wash it. Manufacturing that considers the environment and the health of the people who use it without using harmful chemical substances is natural considering the time spent in bed.

Alysia Woven Throw

Alysia Woven Throw Official Website

Pottery Barn sells linen and cloth bedding. That Pottery Barn deals with the throws of Alysia Woven. Slow is a horizontally long cloth that is placed on the foot of a bed, etc., and enhances the design around the bed.

Affordable throws are linen mixed with cotton. However, because it is finished by incorporating a washing method called stone wash, you can feel the texture of linen as it is. You can enjoy the soft feel immediately after taking it out of the package without having to wash it many times.

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World famous linen sheet brand

Prestigious linen is often used for bedding in luxury hotels. Many people also like linen at home so that they can sleep well throughout the year. Here are three world-famous brands that are particular about linen sheets that you can touch directly when you lie down on the bed.

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle Official Website

Tuft & Needle's new linen sheets are stylish and comfortable.

The linen sheets are garment-washed to give them a deliberately worn-out feel, which makes them feel very soft as soon as they are unpacked. Customers like it because it looks like they have mastered it even if it is new.

It has a strong shrinkage and is easy to handle even when applying linen sheets, and it can be matched with a pillowcase with abundant color variations such as charcoal, sand and dusty rose.


Brooklyn official website

As the name implies, Brooklyn is based in Brooklyn, New York, and was started by two co-founders. While valuing quality, we offer linen sheets at affordable prices. If you want to make your bedroom "unexpected", we recommend the linen set, which includes linen sheets and two pillowcases.

Comfortable, wonderfully soft linen gives you a familiar feel right away. And the more you wash, the softer it becomes.


Cultiver official website

Cultiver has shops in Australia, the United States, Canada, etc. by its founder Nicole. We value the creation of things that make things fun every day, and we demand high quality in each process from selecting flax production areas to weaving linen.

We provide products that can be used for a long time by taking advantage of linen to protect the environment and get a good night's sleep. The price is not very cheap, but the product is highly recommended. Extremely beautiful colorful linen, along with many accessories, will make your bedroom nice.

Interior designer Tina Rich says that Cultiver's linen sheets are so soft that you can choose your favorite from great quality and a wide range of colors. If you're looking for something a little different than the mundane linen color, Cultiver is a must-have brand.

Why bed linen is chosen

The reason why bed linen is chosen is, in a nutshell, its comfort. Its comfort is backed by the features and functionality of linen. I will explain the advantages of bed linen.

Benefits of bed linen

Bed linen made from natural linen that is not only highly functional but also gentle on the body. The benefits are so numerous that it is natural that bed linen is popular. There are four main merits, which are explained below.

・ Water absorption, breathability, divergence, and quick-drying, which are important for bedding

Looking at the structure of linen, there are cavities in the fibers. This cavity makes it four times more absorbent than cotton. In addition, the presence of cavities makes it breathable and divergent, so it dries quickly even when it gets wet. People try to sleep deeply by lowering their body temperature during sleep. I sweat to lower my body temperature, but it is said that I sweat a glass of sweat while I sleep.

Given the functionality of linen, it is possible to absorb, wick, and quickly dry sweat to maintain a smooth feel. Supporting a good night's sleep is the greatest benefit of using bed linen.

・ Skin-friendly natural fiber

Although there are individual differences, it is said that bedtime is about one-third of the day. Pajamas made of thin materials that do not put a strain on the skin, and some people may lie down on the bed without wearing pajamas. In today's world where allergies and chemical substances are regarded as problems, bed linen made of natural fiber and safe linen is one of the materials for a good night's sleep as well as a smooth fit.

・ Durable and long-lasting no matter how many times you wash

Linen is a very strong material. This is due to the characteristic of linen that it becomes stronger when it gets wet. Bed linen that can be washed at home does not deteriorate even if you continue to wash it, and you can feel the comfort of washing it every time. Bed linen is durable, easy to handle and clean, so you can live a comfortable life.

・ Natural texture

Linen made of natural materials has a very natural color. There is no mistake in choosing any of the chic colors such as beige, sand, stone, charcoal, and mocha based on white. In recent years, much research has been done on good sleep. Among them, the relationship between sleep and color is also attracting attention. When considering an item called bed linen, the results show that such natural shades are more relaxing than flashy colors and lead to a good night's sleep.

Reference: Precautions for handling linen fabric

Materials used for beds other than linen

Finally, I would like to introduce the materials used for beds other than linen. Synthetic fibers are also available, but let's take a look at natural materials.

Cotton: Cotton is used in many beddings. It is durable, long-lasting, has moderate elasticity, and is not uncomfortable to use.

Substitute fiber: Bamboo fiber substitute fiber is sometimes used for bedding. It is about twice as durable as cotton and is a softer material than you can imagine.

Silk: Silk with fine fibers is characterized by a smooth feel. Due to its luster, it is often used in luxury bedding.

"Creating a bedroom that improves sleep" proposed by bed linen brands around the world

I want to sleep comfortably, which is a universal feeling. Bed linen is the answer to that desire. Bed linen brands around the world are proposing products that support good sleep and products that make the bedroom space tasteful.

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