How to store linen products

Linen products that I liked and purchased. But I don't know how to store it ... I got wrinkled in the chest of drawers ... I think there are many people who have such experience. In fact, simple tips are needed to store linen products. Anyone who knows the characteristics of linen products and the tips for storage will be able to easily use linen products for a long time. Therefore, this time we will introduce a storage method for long-term use of linen products.

How to store linen products

Linen products tend to wrinkle when stored when folded or folded dry. This item summarizes how to store linen products. The points are "hangers used for drying and storage", "storage location", and "how to store". If you hold down this point properly, you can store your favorite linen without wrinkles and use it for a long time.

Use thick hangers to store linen clothing

When storing linen clothing, it is better to use thick hangers than to fold or fold it to prevent wrinkles and fading. By ventilating the fabric regularly, you can keep it in a better condition than storing it in a folded state for a long time. In this case, I would like you to use a hanger with a strong shoulder and a thick and thick hanger.

Linen products are prone to wrinkles as they dry. It also means that it is easy to get habit, so if you do not pay attention to the hanger you use, it will wrinkle.

If you hang it on a general wire-shaped (thick) hanger or store it on it, the shirt etc. will have strange marks on the shoulders, which will remain even when you wear it, ruining the silhouette of the fold. It will be. To prevent this from getting out of shape, use a thick hanger and occasionally ventilate it so that you can keep in touch with it for a long time.

Avoid direct sunlight

As with drying after washing, avoid storing in a room that is exposed to direct sunlight.

Linen products get sunburned and faded when exposed to the sun. It is recommended to store it in a well-ventilated and dry environment. The best place to store linen products is in the closet, but if you feel that moisture tends to accumulate, you may want to put a dehumidifying agent on it. As I mentioned in the storage on the hanger, please occasionally ventilate the closet.

Precautions when folding and storing bed linen and tableware

If you fold and store linen products, the creases will be clear from the folded place. When creases are noticeable in clothing, it tends to look awkward, but in tableware and bed linen, the creases that are neatly folded can enhance the beauty.

Be careful of ultraviolet rays (do not store in direct sunlight or fluorescent light), and store bed linen in the closet.

At this time, pay attention to humidity and ventilate regularly (about once a week). Also, if you put a heavy object on it, the creases will be stronger and ventilation will be difficult to function, so be careful.

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While linen products are durable, they also have a delicate side, and storage requires a little trick. It is very easy to handle if you follow the basics of care and storage. Unlike other fibers, it takes a little time and effort to maintain and deepen its unique texture, which may increase your attachment. We hope that you will become accustomed to handling it naturally, and that your linen products will become even softer and more familiar to your skin.

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