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Linen is a material that is often handled by general major brands, but there are many brands that are particular about linen, and they are sending out linen that is a bit different from mere fashion brands. In this article, we will introduce three brands carefully selected from a number of linen brands. If you want to incorporate linen into your life, please refer to it.

nest Robe

nest Robe official website

nest Robe is a domestic brand with linen items for women. As the brand name means "comfortable place", we have a wide range of natural products and clothes that emphasize comfort. It can be said that it is a big feature that all the products are made from scratch at our own factory founded in 1950.

Recommended products � @: Linen denim overalls

Even with denim overalls, linen makes you feel comfortable in midsummer. Linen denim is difficult to make and is carefully produced at one of the few factories at nest Robe, so the number of stocks is by no means large.

There are four colors: white, indigo and natural, and black.

〇Shiro Indigo: By combining the loose size and the supple texture of linen, this overall gives the impression of being "dumb" like used clothing. It goes well with casual shirts and is recommended for those who want to enjoy boys-like outfits.

〇Natural black: An adult item that makes full use of the unique luster of linen. The dough has a firm finish while being loose.

Recommended product A: One piece

Nest Robe handles a wide variety of linen dresses, including limited editions, which exceed 50 items.

The standard products are finished with 100% plain weave linen (excluding the lace part), such as lace buzzam dresses. It seems that many fans fall in love with the touch, which becomes more delicious the more they wear it. For high-end products, we recommend the high-density linen indigo smock, which is made by weaving ultra-fine linen at high density to achieve the highest level of smoothness. The price is about 50,000 yen for one outfit.

Old Man's Tailor

Old Man's Tailor Official Website

A domestic linen brand based in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture. Mr. and Mrs. Mura, who used to run a silk tie company, started up after encountering antique linen. In the environment at the foot of Mt. Fuji, we carry out the entire process from threading to finishing by ourselves.

Recommended products � @: Linen coat

Coats made by Old Man's Tailor are in high demand and are often sold out at online shops. Tylove, which uses plenty of fine linen, is very popular due to its smooth texture.

By carefully weaving fine linen threads, both suppleness and firmness are achieved, making it a gem that is comfortable to wear. The jacket uses soft linen and is particular about its softness. The weave is sharkskin, which is often used in suits. It is a perfect item for women who want to casually fashion, as it is plain when viewed from a distance and an uneven pattern like shark skin can be seen when approaching.

Recommended product A: Linen stall

The stall by Old Man's Tailor is a linen-like item with a refreshing feeling. In the summer, it takes care of everything from outdoor sunlight protection to indoor cooling measures.

Made from 100% carefully selected linen, it has a solid but non-greasy texture and feels comfortable. You will be able to wear it forever. According to the commentary of the online shop, "If it is a large size, it would be good to use it as an interior." It might be a good idea to use linen to accent the room and design a cool space.

fog linen work

fog linen work official website

Many people have the image that linen products are expensive. Since flax, which is a natural material, is the raw material, it tends to be costly. Meanwhile, fog linen work is a brand that is active under the theme of "daily use of linen". I want you to use simple and slightly particular materials because they are towels and sheets that you use every day. With that in mind, it is a brand that provides linen daily necessities.

Recommended products are kitchen linen and bed linen

There are various types of linen for everyday use. The linens for everyday use that we recommend for beginners are kitchen linen and bed linen.

Kitchen linen is a term used to refer to fabric products used in meals and dishes, such as tablecloths, aprons, and place mats. Bed linen has the same meaning as bedding such as pillowcases and sheets finished with linen. These linen daily necessities are also called home linen and are a culture that originated in medieval Europe. For example, in Europe around the 18th century, linen was used for both clothes and daily necessities. It is also said that when the daughter gets married, she has home linen as a wedding tool. Linen was a part of everyday life in medieval Europe. Linen has become so popular in Europe simply because linen is a very nice and convenient material for daily necessities.


So far, we have introduced the brands that handle linen clothes and daily necessities. If you are thinking, "If you want to buy linen, you want something as good as possible!", Why not try the products made by these brands. And don't give up on linen, even if it's not easy to use at first. Linen will blossom its charm as you use it. If you don't rush and get used to it, it will show you a wonderful side.

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