Why linen clothes are suitable for summer

Linen is one of the materials for clothing that is often worn in summer, but there are various types of cloth that are wrapped in linen, such as ramie and hemp. Unlike ramie and hemp, linen is often evaluated as soft and soft to the touch. Like other hemp materials, linen, which is useful in summer, is used not only in fashion but also in various scenes, and due to its characteristics, it is often treated as a material suitable for summer. Here, let's introduce the relationship between linen and summer.

Why linen is suitable for summer

Linen is often preferred in summer and is often incorporated into outfits. What is the reason for this? It should have the charm of linen fabric that other materials do not have, and the characteristics suitable for summer. Let's take a closer look at the appeal of linen, which has a reputation for being comfortable to wear.

The breathability and water absorption of linen show its true potential in the summer!

What is worrisome in summer wear is the stickiness of sweat on the skin. You want to choose clothes that are as breathable as possible, which you often wear in the summer.

Therefore, the good breathability and water absorption, which are the characteristics of linen fabric, are very attractive. It does not stick to the skin even when sweating, and above all, it is light and comfortable to wear and has excellent breathability, so it is recommended not only as an innerwear but also as a haori coat.

First of all, due to its high water absorption and breathability, it allows the stickiness caused by sweat to escape to the outside. It boasts four times the water absorption of cotton material and is highly breathable. This is the reason why it has long been popular as bed linen for sheets and pillow cases.

Stain resistance and antibacterial properties

In summer, there are many points of contact with liquids such as sweat and drinks, so you must be careful about dirt on your clothes. Once it gets dirty, it will stain and ruin your clothes.

It is said that linen is hard to soak in dirt due to the effect of pectin contained in the fiber, and it is easy to remove even if it soaks in.

In the process of making clothes, pectin acts like a glue that melts from linen and sticks fibers together. By covering the surface with this pectin, it creates a unique firmness and luster, but it is hard to get dirty and realizes the functionality that it is easy to remove even if it gets dirty. For this reason, linen has long been used as tableware such as tablecloths.

Refreshing touch

If you sweat while wearing clothes, it will absorb too much water and stick to your skin, making it difficult for the wind to pass through. Poor breathability makes it harder to dry and can cause sweaty odors. Also, if you sweat in that state, you may feel uncomfortable.

However, the linen fabric keeps it dry even when you sweat. The reason is not only the soft material, but also the thin and short fibers with less fluff.

Therefore, it is often used not only for clothes but also for sanitary goods such as sheets. The sweat that you sweat in your daily life is a little different from the sweat that you get from sports, but it is a characteristic of linen products that even such sweat does not stick to your skin and you can continue to wear it without any discomfort.

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Linen products recommended for summer

Comfortable linen products have become a staple of summer. The linen outfit, which has good functionality and is loved by natural people, is surprisingly perfect for various designs. In addition to casual dressing, there are also items that can be used when you want to dress up a little. Please use it as a reference for your linen coordination.

� @ Linen pants

It is easy to think that the linen material is natural and there are few flashy colors. However, you can also create a sophisticated adult impression by combining primary color linen pants and black sleeveless tops. An adult cool outfit that is comparable to going out at night is completed.

In addition, linen pants are also attractive because they are easy to match with any tops if you use basic colors. Even white and kinari tops are summery, and you can enjoy the feeling of summer even if you add a little colorful color. You can wear linen pants just by having one in the summer.

�A linen shirt

Linen shirts are a staple of summer, aren't they? Simply pair a large shirt with light linen and a tight denim skirt to complete your summer outfit.

To make it look neat, put the shirt in only the hem to create a large silhouette for a cool and refreshing impression.

It's interesting because you can play with the inner color when you combine it with linen, which is a softer material. You can give a feminine and sexy impression just by opening the button wide and wearing it to show the inner inside.

�B linen setup

Even if it is said to be a linen material setup coordination, it may not come out very well. However, a setup that uses the same color on the top and bottom is perfect for formal wear. For beginners, it is also a good idea to start with a beige or brown jacket setup.

Also, when it comes to summer setups, it's smart and cool to wear with sleeveless tops. For those who want to enjoy casual dressing, a sleeveless + pants or tight skirt may be a good setup.


We have also introduced the features and dressing of why linen is suitable for summer. From a functional point of view, it is a perfect fiber for summer clothing. In addition, the appeal of linen is probably included in its comfort and texture. Of course, I think that it is a material that you can enjoy other than summer by combining it with clothing made of other materials. Linen, which is a material that can be fashionably coordinated not only in summer but also in autumn and winter, can be worn all year round. It also has a wide range of designs, from oversized shirts to tight setups, making it a material loved by all generations. The charm of linen is very wide and deep.

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