"Cotton linen" that combines cotton and linen

As the name suggests, cotton linen, which is a fabric made by weaving two materials, cotton and linen, is a popular material among people who enjoy natural fashion. In fact, this cotton linen fabric is used for a wide range of items such as accessories and clothes. Therefore, in order to enjoy a long life that makes the best use of cotton linen, we will explain in detail the features and washing methods.

What is cotton linen?

You may not have heard of the name of cotton linen, which has been loved in Japan for a long time, and cotton linen woven from these two materials. By knowing the characteristics of cotton and linen fabrics, you can understand what cotton linen looks like.

What is cotton linen?

Cotton linen is a fabric woven from two natural materials, cotton and flax, and is a popular material with a gentle and refreshing texture.

Cotton and linen have different characteristics and properties, but by taking advantage of each, the functionality is enhanced and one of the attractions is that it is easy to handle. The more you use it, the more familiar the texture becomes, and the more you enjoy the natural texture for a long time, the more fans are increasing.

Cotton fabric

Cotton is the white, fluffy part of the cotton seeds. Cotton, which is a very versatile material and is used for various items, has different characteristics depending on the length of the fiber, the thickness of the thread, and the weave. Those with short fibers have thick threads and are fluffy and soft, and those with long fibers have thin threads and are smooth and glossy. Then, by applying three types of weaves, plain weave, twill weave, and satin weave, various fabrics can be created.

Cotton has the following characteristics.

-Highly functional water absorption and good breathability, so it can be used comfortably throughout the year.

-It is soft and soft to the touch, and since it has kinks from the beginning, it is easy to spin and it is easy to create a texture that suits the purpose.

-Since it has excellent dyeability and color development, it is easy to produce the desired color.

-Because it has excellent heat resistance, it does not easily soften even when exposed to heat, and it is easy to iron.

・ Compared to other natural fibers, the price is reasonable and it is easy to choose the fabric that suits the purpose.

Cotton, which is also a good fabric for tailoring, is used as a matter of course in various items around us.

Linen fabric

Linen is a fiber made from flax stalks. Linen made from stems filled with fibers is a natural fiber with strong durability, unlike cotton made from soft cotton. The thicker the thread, the thicker the fabric, but the thickness and texture of the fabric will change depending on the weave density and texture.

Linen has the following characteristics.

・ Because it has excellent water absorption and divergence, you can feel comfortable even in the sweaty season.

・ Because it is strong and durable, it is durable and long-lasting even after repeated washing.

・ It is hygienic and can be used for a wide range of items because it is difficult for dirt to soak in and it is easy to remove even if it gets dirty.

-Has excellent breathability and heat retention, and can be used comfortably all year round regardless of the seasons.

・ The more you use it, the more familiar it will be to your skin, and you can enjoy the color and texture for a long time.

Linen fabric, which has a natural texture and is highly functional, is widely used in daily life.

Features of cotton linen

What are the characteristics of cotton and linen, which are highly functional natural materials, and cotton linen, which is a combination of two different materials? By fully understanding the characteristics, you can further enjoy the comfortable and natural texture that suits your purpose.

Cotton linen is hard to get dirty

Linen contains pectin, an ingredient that coats the fibers to prevent dirt from seeping in. Due to the effect of the nature of pectin, it is hard to get dirty, and even if it gets dirty, it is easy to remove, so it has the advantage of being easy to maintain.

You don't have to worry about the growth of germs because it is easy to remove dirt and keeps it clean. However, there is a demerit that the dye is hard to dye and the color easily fades, but the characteristics of cotton cover this demerit.

It feels good on the skin and has excellent absorbency and durability.

Both cotton and linen are natural materials made from plant fibers, both of which are highly absorbent and durable. Cotton is known for its durability, but linen is twice as strong as cotton and becomes even stronger when wet.

It absorbs moisture quickly and is well-ventilated, making it an ideal material for daily use where frequent washing is required. One of the features of cotton linen is that it feels good against the skin. Linen made of strong threads is attractive for its freshness, but it may have a tingling sensation. However, by mixing cotton, which is attractive for its softness, it is refreshing and soft to the touch.

The texture changes depending on the composition

The thickness and texture of cotton linen vary depending on how it is folded and the thickness of the thread, but the composition also greatly affects the texture. If you use a lot of cotton, the fabric will be soft and firm.

It is suitable for T-shirts that are often worn repeatedly because wrinkles are less likely to be noticed and it is resistant to losing its shape.

It is refreshing to the touch, well-ventilated, and easy to dry, so you can enjoy the change in texture that becomes softer as you use it. By changing the composition of cotton and linen in this way, it is convenient to be able to bring out the best of each and combine them according to the item and purpose.

Cotton linen and laundry as clothing

Many people love cotton linen as a fashion item, but the sense of the season is also important for enjoying fashion. Also, be careful about washing and other care to make the cotton linen last longer.

How to wash cotton linen material

It is recommended that you wash the cotton linen material in a laundry net, but hand washing will make it last longer. The detergent used should be neutral or weakly alkaline, and in the case of colored products, the color will transfer the first few times, so wash them separately from other products.

Long-term dehydration can easily cause wrinkles and lose its shape, so choose a course such as fashionable clothes that has a short dehydration time. Avoid using a dryer as it can cause the dough to shrink. Then, dry it in the shade because it may cause color unevenness when exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time. The cotton linen material mixed with linen has excellent quick-drying properties, so it dries quickly even in the shade.

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Cotton linen clothing is suitable for summer

Cotton linen is highly breathable and has the characteristic of quickly absorbing and wicking sweat, making it a recommended material during hot and humid seasons. The silky cotton linen is well-ventilated and can be worn lightly even in the summer, so you can spend a refreshing time even in the hot summer.

It depends on the item and coordination, but the best time to wear cotton linen is from early April to early September. Linen is also a material with excellent heat retention, so from a functional point of view, it is not strange to wear it in the cold winter months. However, the impression that cotton linen is cold makes it look like it is not seasonal. It's safe to avoid wearing it in the fall and winter, as fashion is also important for the appearance of the season.


Cotton linen is a fabric that takes the best of cotton and linen, is hard to get dirty, has excellent absorbency and durability, and is familiar and natural texture as you use it. It is also a material whose texture changes depending on the mixing ratio, and it is also attractive that it can be optimally combined according to the application. By washing in the right way, you will be able to enjoy the unique texture for a long time. Let's incorporate cotton linen, which is refreshing, airy, and seasonal, into your daily life as an item to spend the hot summer comfortably.

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