How to enjoy French linen

French linen is one of the most popular linens. French linen carefully made using French flax creates a quality life with delicate softness and high-quality luster. We will explain the features and typical products of French linen and introduce its charm.

French linen is popular! Detailed explanation

Linen is made from flax fiber, but flax, which is the raw material for linen, is cultivated in cold regions around the world. France is Europe's largest exporter of flax fiber. Only those made from flax grown in France are called French linen and are often treated as special linen. As high-quality linen, UNIQLO and MUJI are also used as materials in Japan to emphasize its high quality.

What is French linen?

French linen is a linen fabric made from flax grown in France. Cold regions are suitable for flax cultivation, with northern France and Belgium being the main production areas. The seeds sown in spring bloom pretty pale bluish-purple flowers after about 100 days. After that, the harvest season will be reached around August.

Features of French linen

Linen, a natural material, has excellent functions such as breathability and quick-drying, as well as comfort and usability. Let's take a look at the characteristics of French linen.

The characteristic of French linen is that it feels good on the skin. Generally, hemp products have the image of being hard, and the hardness of the fabric is expressed as "sushi rice".

French linen may be firm at first, but it is softer than other linens and has almost no tingling sensation when applied to the skin. Let's take a look at some typical products that use French linen.

Introducing typical products using French linen

Linen, which has been popular for a long time, and many products are used by a wide range of generations. Among them, the representative of French linen, which is always popular, can be said to be clothing. Here are three typical products.

French linen shirt

A French linen shirt that is very popular with both women and men. Especially in the spring and summer, many shirts are lined up in stores. Many people will feel the season when French linen shirts are lined up in stores. Not only simple colors such as natural and navy blue, but even if you choose colored ones, the atmosphere unique to linen that does not become too flashy adds a natural fashionable feeling to the coordination.

French linen is soft and gentle on the skin, so it is comfortable to wear, and it is also popular because it is comfortable to wear in the hot and humid summer.

Such a convenient item ・ French linen shirts are items that you want several pieces in different colors and different lines. Many companies such as MUJI and UNIQLO sell French linen shirts. Many of them are priced from 2,000 yen to 3,000 yen, making it easy to buy. French linen shirts are highly recommended for natural fashion without trying too hard.

French linen dress

One piece is very popular with women in fashion using French linen. The texture not found in any other fiber creates a beautiful line that is unique to French linen, whether it is knee-length or long. It is a convenient item that can be worn casually with white sneakers, or with sandals for a beautiful look, or with a single dress. If you choose a plain dress, you can easily make small items.

A French linen dress with excellent breathability and water absorption and moisture absorption will relieve you of the discomfort that sticks to your skin even if you sweat. In the summer, wearing a few French linen dresses will make your coordination easier and more enjoyable.

French linen washed sleeveless dress

Among the French linen dresses, the sleeveless one is also attractive and can be said to be a representative product. The texture of the washed-out linen, the color development with each atmosphere, and the soft finish that makes use of the texture of French linen are attractive.

MUJI is very popular overseas for its simple fashion. At the Tenjin Daimyo store, we are introducing a coordinate that combines a stand-up collar tunic under a sleeveless dress of French linen. If you wear it as it is, you can create an atmosphere like Parisienne, a master of simple and timeless dressing. Fashion alone will change your mood. Wearing proper materials and seasonal French linen will improve your female power.

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Until French linen is made

Let's introduce how natural fiber French linen is made.

Linen production in France

French linen is an agricultural product made from a plant called flax, and it seems that it is often grown in northern France, which is blessed with a cool climate and abundant water.

This is the process of making French linen.

� @ From sowing to harvesting: Flax sowing takes place in the spring. Then, around August, the flax that has grown to 80 cm to 1 m is cleanly pulled out with a machine. First, seeds are collected from the harvested flux.

�A Letting: After seeding, the flux works as a letting to make it easier to remove the fibers from the stem. Nowadays, letting is mainly done by letting the harvested flux lie in the field for about a month. It is a method to rot extra elements in the stem by the force of nature such as sunlight and rain, and to make it easier to remove other than fibers.

�B Scutting: Flux stalks that have been letted are transferred to a process called scuffing. Scutting is the first step in removing linen fibers from the harvested flax grass. Use a machine or tool to hit the stem to remove unnecessary parts.

Enjoy the season with French linen

French linen is said to be high quality linen. French linen is soft and highly rated. There are many ways to incorporate French linen into your life. Fashion that allows you to enjoy the spring and summer seasons comfortably has a texture that is not found in any other material. Also, throughout the year, when inviting friends and family, you can change the color of the tablecloth to change the atmosphere to a different atmosphere, or change the color according to the season, such as a beautiful cloth that makes the work in the kitchen where you make hospitality dishes fun. You can enjoy different expressions. French linen is a great item to enjoy your life carefully.

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