Linen products that can be used in the bedroom and their features

The highly functional linen fabric is also used as a variety of items in the bedroom. The comfortable touch and rich texture lead to a comfortable space and a luxurious sleep, which is also favored by luxury hotels. Here, in order to enjoy linen as a fashionable item, we will introduce the features of bedroom linen, various linen products, and recommended outfits that incorporate linen.

Features of linen products that can be used in the bedroom

Fiber linen made from flax, which is a type of hemp, has a natural atmosphere, but it is also highly functional and of high quality, which is one of the major reasons why it is incorporated into our daily lives. Linen is also ideal for use in the bedroom because of its excellent properties.

Linen fabric characteristics

Linen fabric, a natural material, is a fiber that has been heavily used since ancient times, as it was also used to wind mummies in ancient Egypt. Linen, which is widely used for clothing, kitchen items, bedroom items, etc., has the following characteristics.

-Durable and long-lasting: It is extremely durable among natural materials, and some products have been used overseas for more than 100 years. Moisture increases the strength, so you don't have to worry about damaging the fabric even after repeated washing.

-Difficult to get dirty and clean: The linen fabric contains pectin, which is hard to soak in and easy to remove, so it can be used cleanly.

-Good to the touch: The more you use it, the softer it becomes and the more texture it gets, so it is also used for underwear overseas because of its good feel.

-Excellent water absorption and wicking: It has a water absorption rate four times higher than that of cotton, and it quickly absorbs and wicks sweat and moisture, so you can spend comfortably with a smooth feel.

Linen fabric with these characteristics is a perfect material for comforting the bedroom, which is also a place to heal the tiredness of the day.

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Why linen is good for the bedroom

Linen is also known to be used as a bedroom item in luxury hotels. The points are that it has a high-quality and comfortable feel, a texture that is familiar to you, and that you can continue to use it for a long time. Duvet covers, pillowcases and bed sheets are soft and luxurious to the touch, leading to a comfortable sleep.

The linen bed pad dissipates heat quickly so you can always sleep comfortably, cool and comfortable.

And by using linen, which is lighter than cotton, for towelettes, you can feel the smoothness and freshness even in the hot summer. Since the air in the fibers retains heat, it also has the characteristic of keeping warmth, giving you a comfortable sleep throughout the year.

Linen products that can be used in the bedroom

Linen products that take advantage of functionality, such as sheets, pillowcases, and blankets, are used in many bedrooms. Not only that, it is also used as a bedroom coordination to create a comfortable and wonderful space.

Bedroom linen products. @: Pillowcase / duvet cover

One of the features of linen is that it does not tingle, and it does not feel uncomfortable when it comes into direct contact with the skin, and it is a fiber that is as gentle as it is used in baby wear.

Due to its excellent water absorption and wicking properties, it quickly absorbs sweat and moisture, and it feels refreshing without sticking to the skin. One of the reasons why it is cool is that it does not stick to the body because it is a chewy fiber.

In addition, it has a high thermal conductivity and has the function of releasing the heat of the body to the outside of the body, which invites a comfortable sleep until morning. Pillowcases and duvet covers can get dirty easily and you want to wash them often. Linen is a natural material that is twice as strong as cotton, so it is strong against washing and dries quickly, and the more you wash it, the softer the texture becomes.

Bedroom linen products A: Blanket

The linen blanket, which is soft to the touch, thin and light, has the property of quickly absorbing and releasing sweat, so it is not sticky to the skin and is ideal for summer skin.

When I'm sleeping, I sweat even if it's not in the summer, but it's comfortable until morning because it absorbs night sweats well.

Linen not only makes you sleep comfortably in hot weather, but is also a recommended material for chilly weather. It keeps your body constant with warm air when you sleep, so you can sleep warmly until morning without feeling cold by combining it with a futon. Even if you absorb a lot of sweat and moisture, it is durable and can be washed frequently, and because it dries quickly, it dries quickly even when you dry it in the room. A linen blanket will help you sleep comfortably throughout the year.

Bedroom linen products B: Decorative pillows / cushion covers

In Japanese life, few people may have adopted it yet, but in overseas bedrooms and luxury hotels, many decorative pillows and cushions are lined up to make the bedroom gorgeous.

Linen can also be used to make your bedroom look fashionable. Decorative pillows and cushions have items for decoration, each of which has a different purpose. The largest decorative pillow, the Euro pillow, is placed against the bed head and is used as a back cushion when reading a book or watching TV.

The medium size standard pillow is the main pillow you use to sleep. The smallest size accent pillow is the one that is placed in the foreground and is used as an accent for bed coordination. Linen decorative pillows and cushion covers come in a variety of colors and sizes, so by incorporating the opposite colors, you can add an accent and enhance your fashion. One of the attractions is that the color and texture change each time you use it, so you can fully enjoy the fashion of linen.

Introducing coordination that incorporates bedroom linen

The bed has a large area and a strong presence, so it is an interior that is easy to see. That is why we recommend that you stick to coordination and create a stylish and wonderful bedroom. Let's enjoy a stylish space by combining bedroom linen of various colors.


Black stands out very much in the white-based bedroom. Add black or dark gray bedspreads to accent your white sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases.

Simply changing one of the decorative pillows to black will create a sense of unity throughout the room.

And for bedrooms based on black, simply changing the bedroom linen to light gray or off-white will give you warmth and a good balance. Incorporating a monotone pattern into one of the bedspreads and decorative pillows will create a unique and luxurious coordination with a chic atmosphere.

Plus accent color

In the bright white bedroom, why not use brown or camel bed throw as an impact color in the white bedding. It gives the impression that the bedroom is tight. For bedrooms that are based on light gray, try to unify the bedding to the same light gray and change to pastel pink bedspreads.

The pastel pink, which has a unique linen texture, creates warmth and cuteness. The white-based monotone bedroom can be transformed into a mature and stylish space by incorporating wine colors and dark gray pillows.

There are many ways to incorporate accent colors, but incorporating them as decorative pillows may be the easiest and most enjoyable. You can create a playful and fun space by arranging decorative pillows with several patterns and colors.

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Linen is the perfect material for use in the bedroom because of its excellent functionality. Just changing the color will change the image of the bedroom, and it will greatly affect the quality of sleep, so I would like to choose the bedroom linen that I am particular about. The natural texture of linen matches nature as an accent color, so it is also attractive that you can enjoy various coordination. Why don't you take in bedroom linen? High-quality natural linen not only provides a good night's sleep, but also enriches your feelings.

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